Lacking wings, we do what we can to open up our grounded place. In southern culture, words were primary in translating experience, but I find images have the power to reveal secrets and become an antidote to corrupted stories and games. The kick start for the  exhibition is "Some Tales," a set of nine mixed media works on paper from 2010 which began with two young women, new friends, reciting the alphabet each in their first language, one in English and one in talian. Repeated efforts become a repetitive chorus bracketing images inspired by surprising dramatic details from two Caravaggio paintings reimagined and brought forward. Pause and release become narrative drivers. On the moniter,  a single detail from a Signorelli painting inspired an 11 minute digital narrative picture book following a young woman who suffers a loss, then works to right the balance before the next sunrise.  Anchoring the show is a trianglular installation of "Strategies", five oval canvases where all the action takes place up in the air and a single earthy wooden presence sits on top, keeping the lid on. Across the room, differently hued ovals link up conveying repetition, interruption, projecting forward, fading back, static, timeless, reassuring.