Judy Southerland


In 2021, I'm working on two new series of paintings: "Her Field of Operation" and "Measures Taken in a Field Between the Stars and My Feet”.  Both use multilayered colored glazes and techniques developed in an earlier project, "Rules and Measures."   Focus continues to be on dramatic contrast between structure and its opposite. Pushing scale at both ends presents two ways we can view nature: as a theatrical landscape which we experience through form as memory, and as an intimate portrait of vast spaces which we can hold in our hands.


The paintings in "Her Field of Operation" are 72" x 46", vertical, and begin with a fluid pour of one color. The curved line drawing made on top of the stain is intuitive but always begins at points on the left edge of the new canvas that sync up with the end points of color from the finished right edge of the previous work. This creates a visual horizontal connection between the paintings. 


I pour more than one color to begin the 18" x 14" small work in the "Measures Taken" series. Using a ruler and straight lines I identify a structured  armature within the colored atmosphere left by the freely poured paint. Transparency and ever changing color are essential in building a form which embodies quickening and extending.

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