Judy Southerland


After staining the canvas with three primary colors of poured paint, I stencil block letters from a written paragraph ( my overview of remembered lives lived in my hometown) onto the canvas. In an intuited, rhythmic fashion, I develop the stenciled letters with paint alternating that with over all, deep colored glazes until the text fragments, becoming corrupted within the translucent darkening atmosphere, all of it representing the processes used to transform our words and our written documents, which enevitably disappear into that place we call "the past". 


Efforts to make new plans, to change what has gone before, can be sincere and full of hope, all necessary for our human condition, but in reality new plans are provisional and vulnerable. They float like colorful scraps of paper atop the sea of history. Our best strategy is to keep making our plans even as we try to remain aware, flexible and open, because the unexpected surprises will come, plans will change, and we begin again. Images can build back weight and meaning into the body of lost, corrupted words. How is this possible? By allowing our physical bodies to lead the way in making or receiving an image which carries a lived experience. 


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